Where To Stay On Oahu Besides Waikiki (videos)?

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Where To Stay On Oahu Besides Waikiki – Suggestion 1

Living on Oahu for over 40 years have given me plenty of time to explore different parts of the island.  I will suggest a few places you will find nice and relaxing on your next Hawaiian vacation.  This is in no particular order as each place has its positives.

The first place I would recommend to get away from Waikiki is a place you've probably seen if you follow politics.  This is where President Obama gave his world wide speech while vacationing in Hawaii.  It just opened up late 2011.  It's called Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa in Ko Olina.  It is located on the Leeward side of Oahu where it's dryer.  It's about a 25 minutes drive from Honolulu International Airport.

Here's Aulani Disney Resort in Ko Olina being born, and maybe you'll get to see her when you get here.  She's beautiful…with her own private Lagoon!


Where To Stay On Oahu Besides Waikiki – Suggestion 2

The next place you could stay while on Oahu is known as a well to do area.  It's a place called Hawaii Kai and is located on the south eastern part of Oahu.  The only lodging that I know of comes in the form of vacation rentals, and not Hotels.  Because of the area, rates run in the $100's per day.  It's about 25 minutes out from Waikiki and about 30 minutes from the airport (because of the freeway).

Here's an aerial look of Hawaii Kai coming in from the south side of Oahu and turning west.


Where To Stay On Oahu Besides Waikiki – Suggestion 3 The third place I would recommend is for those that love the country life.  This is old Hawaii at it's best.  There's little country stores and no high rises.  You've seen this place before during the winter months.  That's because on the North Shore of Oahu there are world famous, monstrous waves that are broadcasted around the world. Like I mentioned, there are no high rise hotels (except for the Turtle Bay Hilton, which is all by itself on the northern most tip of Oahu) so you will have to search for a beach rental.  Gather a bunch of friends and have a family get together.  But, be warned, if the waves are pumping, make sure you check with Lifeguards to know where the rip currents and dangerous zones are. Here's a look at the North Shore, Oahu Country life:

Where To Stay On Oahu Besides Waikiki – Suggestion 4 The last place I would suggest also does not have any hotels, so you would need to find a vacation rental if you want to stay in this area.  It's a beautiful, laid back town called Kailua, located on the Windward side of Oahu (north eastern part of the island).  It is wetter than the Leeward side and the Koolau mountains are beautiful!  If you have a car, I would highly suggest going Kailua / Kaneohe bound on the H-3 freeway.  As you exit the tunnel you will be greeted with lush green, ridged mountains on your left.  This is where Oahu get's its fresh water. This is also where President Obama likes to stay while vacationing in Hawaii.

Here's a little video of Kailua Town, on the Windward side of Oahu:



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