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When looking for vacation rentals in Hawaii, the first thing people ask is what area(s) would we recommend.  If you wanted an answer withOUT us factoring in your plans, we personally like the Kailua area.  The people are pretty laid back, the beaches are family friendly, and you can get your shopping fix without driving into town.  Fact: It's where President Obama chose to stay when he visited Oahu.


"Vacation Rentals In Hawaii" Tip

We are smaller relative to the mainland (continental U.S.), but still, traveling is inevitable even on this little island.  And traffic will affect you during the busiest times of day.  For example, it can make a normal 20 minute, 11 mile drive, turn into a near hours drive.  And, since there are many vacation rentals in Hawaii to choose from, factoring in its location is a good idea.

"Vacation Rentals In Hawaii" – Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with some great areas that have vacation rentals so you can limit your driving, or at least make your stay more convenient.  We'll link you to some rentals in the area if we find one.

If there are any local tips regarding that specific area, we'll also share those, too.  You can click on some of our recommendations if you're ready to see some beautiful vacation rentals in Hawaii, or just watch the video below to get a brief tour of the islands.

Beachfront Vacation Rental in Kailua, Oahu


"Vacation Rentals In Hawaii" – Feature Video


Let's start your vacation.  Vacation Rentals In Hawaii Org will show you around Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island (Hawaii) and what's so special about each area.  Location determines how much you pay and the convenience you'll get during your Hawaiian vacation.  So, before you decide where to spend your tropical retreat, think about your needs, and all the things you want to accomplish on your next Hawaiian vacation.  

For example, have you always dreamed of sleeping and waking to the sounds of crashing waves?  Taking a morning jog on white sand beaches?  Then obviously beach vacation rentals would be your ideal location.  We'll show you beautiful and clean beaches where you can create those memories.

Plan on "living" on a palm tree lined, Bermuda golf course?… doing some work overlooking a beautiful Hawaiian garden view?  Or, how about a lush mountain view?  We'll show you where you can find that beautifully ridged mountain close to a golf course (and still have high speed internet access).  

OK, here's a little video tour of the Hawaiian Islands: 





The "Hidden" Vacation Rentals In Hawaii

Your "tour guides" on this site are Hawaii residents that know where the "real Hawaii" exists.  These are areas where we trust to bring our own families to relax and enjoy a bit of paradise.

We are not interested in giving you the typical "tourist talk," but rather share what we've come to know by actually living in the islands.

We know there are many vacation rentals in Hawaii to choose from, so we hope our tips and suggestions help you pick the perfect vacation rental, making your private vacation in Hawaii a memorable one.


Photo: Courtesy of Bryan Chan – Mahalo Bryan!


If you have any suggestions on future articles or how we can improve this website, please drop us a message using our contact form. 


"Vacation Rentals In Hawaii" Bonus Tips


"Vacation Rentals In Hawaii" Renter Tip 1

Make Your Reservation Early:
Hawaii is a popular vacation destination all year around.  But, according to 2010 Visitor Statistics from hawaiitourismauthority.org, these are the busiest 6 months (numbers reflect total visitors to Oahu)

March  (357,945)         June -(390,284)     July (422,471)     August (432,162)         October (348,922)         December (389,675)


"Vacation Rentals In Hawaii" Renter Tip 2

Choose Your Rental Carefully:
Unlike a hotel, you cannot change "rooms" if you don't like the set-up in a vacation rental.  Ask if you can see a video walk through of the rental, or look ask for reviews.


"Vacation Rentals In Hawaii" Renter Tip 3

NEVER Assume Little Pets Are OK Even If Bigger Pets Are Allowed:
Owners will usually disclose if specific pets are allowed.  If they say dogs are allowed, do not assume a little bird is also allowed.  Ask, and make sure the owner is OK with it.  Neighbors are often close to the owner and word will get out.


"Vacation Rentals In Hawaii" Renter Tip 4

Make Sure It's Kid Friendly:
If you are traveling with kids, make sure the bedding set up suites your sleeping arrangements.  Also, if you have young ones, check to see if the house is "toddler friendly."  For example, are there really nice (and white) furniture that a kid might damage?


"Vacation Rentals In Hawaii" Renter Tip 5

Prepare For The Unexpected:
Make sure you have contact information should the water heater or washer break down.  Ask the owner if there's a list in the house.  This way you can bring up the subject of what the owner will do should anything go wrong.   


"Vacation Rentals In Hawaii" Renter Tip 6

Clarify What Is "Included":
Often utilities are included.  But, what happens if there's a heated pool (although there are not much vacation rentals in Hawaii that require heat)?  Run that heat throughout your vacation and the owner's utility bill will go through the roof.  So, make sure "included" does not have a capped dollar figure.


"Vacation Rentals In Hawaii" Renter Tip 7

Read, Sign, Then Pay:
Never send your money without first knowing what is agreed upon.  Like they always say, read the fine print.  Look for any fees, such as cancellation fees.  Know what you can and will be charged for.

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